Digital marketing is the one of the fastest growing industry with many new technologies evolving every year. This create many opportunities for marketing professionals to seek career in any field of digital marketing. Digital marketing has been a very important aspect of marketing for every organization, so every company is looking for new talent to help them achieve their business goals. Digital marketing is important for business either it is Fortune 500 or Medium Enterprise or Small Business. Digital Marketing consists of various marketing strategies like SEO, PPC, Display Ads, Mobile Marketing, Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Digital Analytics.


From Google Trends, we can clearly see there is a huge demand and interest for digital marketing and social media from 2009 onwards and its growing over a period of time.

Careers opportunities and Skills Required

Digital Marketing Consultant : The responsibility of the person will be to analyse the client business and plan a digital marketing strategy. Consultant will be responsible for planning and implementation the digital marketing strategy from scratch.

Skills Required: Strong analytical thinking, Good communications, English writing skills,  Should have knowledge about all concepts of SEO, PPC, Display Ads, Social Media and Digital Analytics.

Salary: Rs 10K+ to 25K+ for freshers

Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) : The job role is to manage a website to improve its organic positions on Search Engines. After Panda and Penguin updates from Google, there has been a very huge demand for professional SEO’s with strong analytical, content marketing and technical skills

Skills Required: Strong analytical thinking, keyword research, competition analysis, onpage optimization and high quality link strategies.

Salary: Rs 8K+ to 45K+ based on experience

Search Engine Marketer (SEM/PPC) : The job role is to create paid marketing strategies on Google, Bing and other networks to generate traffic and leads based on Pay Per Click methodology.

Skills Required: Strong analytical thinking, keyword research, competition analysis, practical hands on experience in Adwords and Bing Ads, campaign management, bid management, conversion tracking and web analytics.

Salary: Rs 10K+ to 45K+ based on experience

Social Media Marketer (SMM/SMO) : The job role will be to manage the branding, communications, generating client traffic and leads via social networks both in free and paid marketing.

Skills Required: Strong analytical thinking, creative thinking, writing skills, Hands on Experience on Facebook, Twitter, G+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube and other major networks.

Salary: Rs 10K+ to 45K+ based on experience

 Mobile Marketing :  The job role will be to improve the brand awareness and leads using mobile apps, mobile advertising on various ad platforms.

Skills Required: Strong knowledge of mobile platforms, Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter.

Salary: Rs 8K+ to 45K+ based on experience

Web Analytics : The job role is to analyse the user behaviour, traffic sources, content performance on website, apps and implement new strategies for better results. This job profile is suitable for experienced candidates who have prior knowledge of digital marketing

Skills Required: Strong analytics skills, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Facebook Insights, Google Insights and other Research Tools.

Salary: Rs 15+ to 45K+ based on experience


The demand of social media marketing and mobile marketing is growing very fast as the usage of smartphones has increased dramatically. Below is the statistics of mobile users from India.

  • Total Mobile Users : 875.48 million (Oct 2013)
  • Monthly Phone Subscribers : 4.90 million (Oct 2013)

As the more number of users on digital media, we have a greater potential of targeting more users in Digital Media.

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