Most Frequently Asked Digital Marketing Questions & Answers 2024

While attending interviews in the digital marketing field various questions are being asked by the interviewers to analyse the capacity of the candidates. In this article, we just give you the hint of the type of the question and their answers only. These are not the exact questions asked in every digital marketing interview. While attending the interview you must answer the questions in your own way and not like a robotic speaker box with fixed answers. This makes the interviewer confident about your skill set.

Digital Marketing Questions for Freshers

What is digital marketing?
Ans. It is process in marketing for reaching to target customers in an effective and more accurate manner through digital means like internet, mobiles etc. Read more about digital marketing.

Why did you choose digital marketing job?
Ans. While answering this question, be honest. The interviewer is testing your commitment to the job. So answer it honestly and in favour of the industry that you want to join. Also, show them your interest towards the job.

How do you categorize digital marketing?
Ans. It is categorised into two. Inbound and outbound marketing. Inbound marketing uses social media, e-books, webinars etc. to spread knowledge regarding company and its products. Outbound marketing uses emails, ads cold calls to reach the customers.

Why online marketing is preferred than offline marketing?
Ans. Offline is (expensive) than online marketing. Online marketing reached larger number of  audience than offline marketing. Good track can be maintained in online marketing. Offline marketing is restricted to location.

Explain about SEO.
Ans. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This technique is used to increase the number of visitors to your website by obtaining a high page rank in Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Explain keyword and its importance in SEO.
Ans. According to digital marketing, the keyword is the phase you enter to search in any search engine to provide relevant search results. In SEO these keywords are crucial to improve page ranking.

What are the most efficient ways to increase traffic in your website?
Ans. It can be increased by building referral links, proving better user experience, attractive interface, customer engagement and social media shares.

What is Pay Per Click or PPC advertising?
Ans. It is the technique to direct traffic to your website. You will only pay if your ad gets clicked.

Among likes or followers numbers and engagement numbers, which is better and why?
Ans. Engagement is better because it provides clear picture of success of your brand. If your reach is high, then will also be the engagement numbers.

Explain Google AdWords.
Ans. It is Google’s paid online advertising model. While you advertise you tell Google, which keywords or phrases you are interested in. This helps in showing your content to right people at right time.

What is On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO?
Ans. Off-Page SEO involves actions taken to improve website’s position from outside the website. And On-Page SEO involves actions taken to improve website’s position from inside the website.

What are bad backlinks?
Ans. These are links which are from sites one relevant to your site, links from link exchanges, paid links, links from low page ranks, spam links, links with low traffic.

What should be done to avoid Google penalty?
Ans. Do not buy links, do not link to bad page rank links, do not use sneaky mobile redirects, don’t sell your link, don’t use duplicate content and don’t use hidden text.

What do you want see yourself after five years in this company in digital marketing field?
Ans. This is to test your ambition towards your career. You need to answer this question with your abilities to progress in digital marketing field. Think how far can you progress in this company or industry. Answer with full confidence and assure your service extent.

How will your experience in digital marketing help in our business?
Ans. Show them why they need your skills to be hired. Show them your abilities, skills, and what all you learnt in your experience. Show them the situations you did and you can handle in the future. Let them feel that they need you for sure to improve their company ranking or website ranking. Show them the need to hire you right at the moment. Your answer must be unique for this question. So think twice or thrice before you answer this question.

Have you learnt digital marketing by self or from any institute?

I have learned my digital marketing from Web Trainings Academy I am also certified in various digital marketing subjects.

Digital Marketing Questions for Experienced Professionals

What is your favourite marketing technique in digital marketing?
Ans. I like all the strategies and use them as per client goals. But personally I like ______ (SEO) very much because its long term and challenge for me.

Which websites have you worked in past and explain briefly about your responsibilities? 

Ans: I have worked with many clients and projects over the period of  _____(No. of years). My major responsibilities in those projects were related to _________ (SEO, Google Ads, Social Media)



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