What is Selenium

A free (open-source) automated testing framework called SELENIUM is used to verify web applications across many platforms and browsers. Selenium Test Scripts can be written in a variety of programming languages, including Java, C#, Python, and others. Selenium testing is the term used to describe testing carried out using the Selenium tool.


You are able to master the entire Selenium suite with the help of our Selenium Certification Training. The goal of the Selenium Training is to teach developers and manual testers how to automate web apps using a solid foundation and integrate them into an organization’s DevOps processes. You will also learn how to master key ideas like TestNG, Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid, Selenium WebDriver, etc. with this Selenium Certification Training. You may learn more about topics like WebDriver, TestNG, Wait, Locating Techniques, AutoIT, Sikuli, Page Object Design Pattern, mobile testing, and Selenium Grid in-depth with the assistance of this Selenium Certification Training course. This Selenium Training uses actual scenarios to teach you how to utilize Selenium WebDriver.

The Selenium IDE can be explored in this course as a tool for writing automated test scripts and for improving the IDE’s features. The suite has a wide range of applications, and we discuss its restrictions, prerequisites, controls, and operating options. We examine several test script execution strategies and determine which browsers Selenium is supported by. This course introduces you to various locator strategies and demonstrates how to use Selenium ‘assertions’, match locators to page elements, and match test patterns.


In the creation of the application, software testing is crucial. It is the final stage of software development and is in charge of refining the program’s quality and making sure that it satisfies all client requirements.

  • Selenium is an open source programme, making it readily available and easily modifiable. Programmers can identify flaws in the developed programme without having to do any actual coding, which saves a lot of time.
  • It enables the development of an automation framework for WebDriver features using a variety of programming languages.
  • It is used by millions of organizations due to the fact that it is free, and it has a fantastic community that provides the assistance that is required.
  • It is a very adaptable tool that enables users to change the functionalities in accordance with the demands of the project. There are other plugins and extensions for the framework that also offer the assistance that is required.
  • Selenium offers a significantly better user experience because it can handle a variety of contexts, including visual code and eclipse. Additionally, it is simple to interface with various frameworks.
  • With Selenium, anyone with extensive expertise can become a software tester because neither programming nor knowing scripting languages are prerequisites.

Due to Selenium’s outstanding consistency, support, user friendliness, and affordability, it has become clear over time that it is an effective framework, which has led to an increase in job profiles in the related industry.

Online Selenium Training


The following are some important goals for software testing:

  • To assess the work results, including the user stories, design, requirements, and code.
  • To make sure that all necessary standards have been met.
  • To verify that the test object is complete and performs in accordance with the stakeholders’ and users’ expectations.
  • To increase faith in the test object’s degree of quality.
  • To guard against software product flaws.
  • To give stakeholders enough knowledge to support their decision-making, particularly with relation to the standard of the test object.
  • In order to lower the risk of using subpar software.
  • To adhere to contractual, legal, or regulatory criteria or standards and to confirm that the test object does so as well.

How it works?

Setup of the Selenium test environment, element inspection, element location, Selenium WebDriver methods, and creation of Selenium test cases. Selenium automates browsers, primarily for automating online applications for testing purposes. It can also automate tedious web-based administration activities.

  • Web application functional and regression testing is done with Selenium.
  • Selenium is a group of test tools, not just one, and Selenium WebDriver is a potent member of this group that supports both test planning and execution.
  • Numerous operating systems, computer languages, and browsers are supported by Selenium (WebDriver) for testing purposes.
  • Batch testing, cross-browser testing, data-driven testing, and database testing are all supported by Selenium.

Four elements make up the full Selenium Software Testing Suite

  • Only use Selenium IDE, a Firefox and Chrome add-on, to build straightforward test cases and test suites.
  • The initial Selenium tool, Selenium Remote Control, sometimes referred to as Selenium 1, allowed users to use programming languages for constructing sophisticated tests.
  • The more recent innovation, called WebDriver, makes it possible for your test scripts to speak directly to the browser and manage it at the OS level.
  • In addition to Selenium RC, Selenium Grid is a tool used to run tests concurrently across many operating systems and browsers.

To create Selenium 2, WebDriver and Selenium RC were combined. Microfocus UFT One is inferior to Selenium in terms of price and versatility.

How is selenium used?

Selenium’s versatility contributes to its popularity. Anyone who develops web-based software can use Selenium to test their code or application, from UI engineers performing visual regression tests following a new integration to lone freelance coders running a fast set of tests for troubleshooting.

Selenium testing is under the responsibility of QA engineers in a corporate setting. Their duties include reworking outdated test suites for more recent iterations of the project, maintaining test infrastructure, and designing focused, non-flaky (i.e., deterministic) scripts to maximize test coverage and accuracy (from the Hub to the test-case library).

They would be in charge of developing thorough test suites to identify “show-stopper” flaws and advise stakeholders on upgrading project performance benchmarks. Maximizing test coverage and effectiveness is their ultimate objective, which will increase the engineers’ collective productivity at work

Selenium can be used in a wide variety of ways. It has the following choices:

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium RC (Remote controller)
  • Selenium 2.0 (Web Driver)

Selenium 2.0, often known as Web Driver, is the most well-known and frequently used technology in its family. The function of Web Driver API is comparable to that of Selenium RC. Selenium is widely used in testing, hence it is advised that the aspiring test engineer learn it.


Selenium is used by many large internet businesses, such as Facebook and Google, to test their web interfaces. It is open source in addition to being free. Once configured, it offers a useful method for producing test scripts, validating functionality, and reusing the scripts in automated test frameworks. The following are a few benefits of selenium testing:

➢    The open source software Selenium

➢    Numerous browsers are supported by Selenium.

➢    Selenium provides support for a number of programming languages.

➢    Delete and restart

➢    Exemplary fusion

➢    Assistance for web applications

➢    Selenium requires less hardware.


Automation testing is quickly going to be associated with Selenium. This is a result of Selenium’s broad application in various enterprises and industries. Because Selenium is open-source, functional across several browsers, and portable across platforms, all the major firms have turned to it for test automation. To become one of the highly sought-after automation engineers in the software testing industry, learn Selenium online.

On the other side, the automation testing’s record and playback feature puts the pre-defined conditions through their paces to compare the actual outcomes with what was anticipated. The automated test cases can be extended to include areas where the manual testing fails and can be run repeatedly throughout the project development lifecycle. As a result, project managers are relying more and more on automation testing to ensure the success of their projects.

Automation engineers are always in demand. Furthermore, there is a high demand for Selenium testers due to the widespread use of Selenium by enterprises. The life of a tester is buzzing with excitement, but they always have the option to switch to more exciting careers, such as mobile testing, big data, API testing, devops, containerization, etc.

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For test managers, test engineers, test leads, test analysts, quality assurance engineers, software developers, and engineers who want to learn automation testing with Selenium, People in the industry who desire to pass necessary Selenium certification examinations Selenium Certification Training is ideal.

What qualifications are needed to work as a Selenium Tester?

A Selenium tester must possess the following abilities:

Technical Knowledge:

  • Understanding of Linux’s basic SQL commands
  • A tool for automation like Selenium
  • VB Script, JavaScript, and C# scripting languages well-versed

Non-Technical Skills:

  • Interacting with stakeholders, project managers, other team members, developers, etc., requires good communication skills.
  • Ability to analyze
  • the disposition that will allow a tester to work in a team environment.

How are Selenium validated certificates given out?

You will receive a certificate of completion once you have finished the Selenium Certification training programme, worked on authentic Selenium projects, quizzes, and assignments, and achieved a score of at least 60% on the online certification exam. Affiliated organizations have no problem recognising this Selenium certificate.


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Yes. You will be given a certificate of completion after the course.

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