Search engine marketing is paid advertising on search engines / display network. It is often called as Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising. In our online ppc course we teach Pay per click (PPC), Display Marketing, Shopping Ads, Video Marketing, Remarketing, Mobile Marketing. With our Google AdWords training you will be able to get Google AdWords Certification.

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Google AdWords Training Syllabus

[ppmaccordion] [ppmtoggle title =”Introduction to Paid Marketing”]
  • What is Paid Marketing
  • Benefits of Paid Marketing
  • Paid Marketing Channels
  • Paid Bidding Strategies
  • Direct Campaign Vs. Branding Campaign
[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”Introduction to Google AdWords”]
  • Account Creation
  • Billing Methods
  • AdWords Interface Tour
  • Basic AdWords Terminology
  • Recent updates in AdWords
  • Account structure in AdWords
  • AdWords Account Limits
[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”Creating Search Marketing Campaign”]
  • Types of Campaigns
  • Search , Display, Shopping, Online Video
  • Location Settings
  • Language Settings
  • Networks and Devices
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Budget Settings
  • Ad Scheduling
  • Ad Extensions
  • Ad delivery and Ad Rotation
[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”AdGroup and Keywords Setup “]
  • Ad groups Structure
  • Example Adgroups
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Broad Match
  • Phrase Match
  • Exact Match
  • Negative Match
  • Broad Match Modifier
  • Keyword Planner
  • Keyword Research Process
[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”Understanding AdWords Auction and Bidding”]
  • AdWords Auction
  • What is Ad Rank
  • What is Quality Score
  • Factors affecting QS
  • Actual CPC
  • Relation between QS and CPC
  • Types of Bidding
  • Flexible Bidding strategies
[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”Ad Format and Guidelines”]
  • Structure of Ad
  • Types of Ad Position
  • Character Limits
  • Landing Page Quality
  • Best and Worst Ads Examples
  • Guidelines for Ads Creation
[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”Ad Extensions”]
  • Location
  • Site links
  • Call
  • App
  • Reviews
  • Call Extension
  • Call out Extension
[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”Campaigns, Ad groups and Keywords Dashboard”]
  • Filters and Segments
  • Column Customization
  • Search Terms
  • Auction Insights
  • Keyword Reports
  • Automated Rules
  • Keyword Diagnosis Tool
  • Dimensions Tab
[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”Conversion Tracking”]
  • What is Conversion
  • Types of Conversions
  • Implementing Conversion Tracking
  • Conversion Reports
  • Practical Case Study
  • ROI Calculation
[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”Display Ads / Remarketing / Mobile Marketing”]
  • Setting a Display Network Campaign
  • Concept of CPM and Branding
  • Types of Targeting
    • Keyword Based
    • Interest and Remarketing
    • Topics
    • Placements Targeting
    • Demographics
  • Ad Formats for Display Network
  • Display Ad Builder
  • Display Planner Tool
  • Remarketing Campaign
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Mobile Apps Campaign
  • Mobile Ad Formats
[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”Video Marketing”]
  • Importance of Video Marketing
  • Setting a Video Campaign
  • YouTube Targeting Methods
  • Bidding Types
  • Type of YouTube Ads
  • Reporting and Analysis
[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”Shopping Campaign”]
  • Shopping Campaign Setup
  • Google Merchant Centre
  • Product Groups
  • Ad Formats
  • Reporting and Analysis
[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”AdWords Tools”]
  • Opportunities
  • Change History
  • Account Access Levels
  • Display Planner
  • Ad Preview and Diagnosis
  • My Client Center
[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”AdWords Certification Exam”]


[/ppmtoggle] [/ppmaccordion]

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