Digital Marketing Consultants encounter many situations in which they need to explain the differences between the Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing to prospect clients. The entire advertising industry is $559B and expected to grow further. In the past few years Digital Media Marketing has grown rapidly and present estimation is $186.2 B.

World Ad Spending Stats

In India traditional marketing is most dominated medium and most of the companies allocate huge budget for traditional campaigns.

Definition of Traditional Marketing: It is a marketing strategy which involves using the medium like Print Media, Tv Media, Radio and Outdoor Media for advertising. This medium still the most widespread and most of the advertising budget is allocated for this medium by large corporations.

Definition of Digital Marketing: It is the marketing strategy which is targeted to the audience on the Internet. The various channels of advertising are Search Engines, Websites, Mobile Apps, Social Media and Games. It is growing at a very fast rate compared to Traditional Marketing.

Differences between Traditional and Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing Digital Marketing 
Can reach a large audience from Cities and Villages Has less reach compared to traditional media
Cannot target the audience groups effectively Can target the audience very effectively
Personalized advertising is not possible Can customize the advertising as per user interests
Can take a long duration to implement a campaign Can be implemented very fast and easily
Huge Budget is required to execute the campaign Very cost effective and in some scenarios its Free
Can generate a positive ROI based on product Very high ROI compared to advertising cost
Static Ads and mostly non engaging/interactive Can create highly engaging and interactive ads
Measuring the campaign results is difficult Can easily measure the campaign metrics and data

As per many survey reports the Digital Marketing has been adapted by many large corporations and are increasing the budgets more for Digital Media. But for large corporations for mass marketing still necessary, traditional marketing is required to reach a large group of audiences.

Growth of Digital Media Spending by Country Wise

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Digital Ad Spending Projection

According to eMarketer reports India has a growth rate of 31% digital marketing. As in India only 20% population has the internet penetration, as this number increases, then we can see a great demand for Digital Marketing. This is the time to start learning and implementing the digital marketing strategies.

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