According to eMarketer, demand-side platforms (DSPs) are used to transact over 83 % of all digital display revenue in the United States. In 2018, Google launched their DSP, Display & Video 360 (DV360), as a DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) development and as part of the Google Marketing Platform rebranding. In this post, we’ll go over the basics of DV360 and some of the features that set it apart from the rest of the DSP pack.

How Does it Work?

Google’s demand-side platform is called DV360. A DSP is a technological platform that allows you to purchase and sell programmatic ads. Advertisers utilize a DSP to specify preferences such as which audience traits to target, how much to pay for every ad that appears, and when their advertising should appear, among other things.

The parameters in DV360 are then utilized to connect with many publishers who can reach the target demographic at a reasonable price. Ads are presented on Google Ad Exchange and other ad exchanges and networks with which DV360 has direct links.


  • Use all of the numerous purchase kinds offered in Display & Video 360 to your advantage (DV360): –
    While Google Ads only offers open auction buys, Display & Video 360 provides a broader range of possibilities, including private auction, preferred deals, programmatic guaranteed deals, and Tag-based Insertion Orders. This implies that, regardless of the kind of inventory, an advertiser may take advantage of these various purchasing alternatives’ more excellent protection and transparency over an open auction.
  • DV360 (Display & Video 360) has access to a more extensive inventory: –
    As previously stated, Display & Video 360 is the world’s largest Demand-side Platform (DSP), with access to over 76 ad exchanges, including the Google Ads exchange, allowing advertisers to buy and manage their inventory in one place and take advantage of cross-channel reporting within the Google Marketing Platform and DV360. It also includes a variety of purchases and creative kinds that aren’t available in Google Ads, as we’ll see later.
  • Audio, rich media and Connected TV creative kinds are also supported by Display & Video 360 (DV360): –
    With an increase in the use of all of these mediums and more research to back up the results, Display & Video 360 now offers inventory in the following categories:

    • Audio –
      According to the IAB Australia’s Digital Audio Buying Guide, 13.8 million Australians now stream audio content each month, and 87 % of media buyers use streaming audio advertising, with more than six out of ten buying it regularly, indicating that it is a vital medium to include in your cross-channel advertising strategy.
    • Rich Media
      Rich media allows visitors to engage with a company’s brand advertising and has been shown to produce up to 267 % greater click-through rates than regular banner advertisements, according to Workfront.
    • Connected TV
      According to the current IAB Australia Online Advertising Expenditure Report, content producers are now more focused on Connected TV, with 38 % of expenditure over the last financial year.

The fact that it recently earned 41 % of spending in the June 2020 quarter, overtaking desktop (35 %) and mobile (24 %), demonstrates the expanding trend of Connected TV as a location for marketers to invest, especially in light of COVID-19 and these uncertain times.

Difference B/W Google ads vs. DV360

Consideration DV360 Google Ads
Campaign Management Centralized management with display and other video activity; e.g. unify audience approach Management lives separately from DV360 display and video activity and structure
Tracking, Data & reporting Centralized data and reporting through Floodlight tracking Separate reporting or Campaign manager impression tracking required to compare against other GMP activity
Further video inventory availability Access to premium videos exchanges and connected TV, next to YouTube and GDN. Centralized video management and consolidated frequency management YouTube, GDN apps and partner sites only
Fees Platform fees applied No platform fees
New features and beta access Access to new features usually later than Google Ads Usually, earlier access to YouTube only betas

Who Should use DV360

The most refined platform for maximizing brand recognition with high-quality creatives is DV360 (rich media, interactive ads, and high-impact formats). DV360 additionally enables more dynamic adverts to be used for 1-to-1 retargeting. Vital creativity has an 89% influence on “in-market” performance, according to research.

So this is all about Google DV360; according to the above-mentioned be benefits of DV360, now we can say that it is the future of marketing because, with the help of DV360 & Digital marketing, one can get a targeting audience for delivering their products and services. With a larger targeted audience come more opportunities for every business to grow.

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