Hello, I am Mohammed Azharuddin, Digital Marketing Trainer @ Web Trainings. With this post I am sharing my experience at SEMPO Hyderabad which was conducted on 5th June 2014 in Cognizant. I will present the details as per my analysis without any bias towards any speaker.

To start with my reason to join this event was to get updates from industry, new tips and connect with the digital marketers in Hyderabad. And my goal has been achieved in a successful way. To start with the event details as they were presented.

Start of Event

The event started about 30 minutes late due to some candidates unable to find the auditorium and some were stuck at the security check.

First Topic : Emerging trends in Digital Analytics by Vishwa Sharan (Head – Digital Analytics, Cognizant)

Mr Vishwa Sharan has given good insights in to what’s emerging in the world of digital. He explained that the emerging trends are Mobile, Social Media Marketing and Tag Management. Overall the lecture was good and specially the topic on Tag Management was very crucial as all the major corporates are now changing Tag Management System.

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Second Topic : Web accessibility and SEO by Raghavendra Satish Peri (Accessibility Consultant Deque Systems

Mr Raghavendra’s session was an Eye Opening lecture on importance of Accessibility and potential for large corporates in making the site accessible. I read about accessibility and user experience from NNGroup (UX Experts) but didn’t quite felt to be important for SEO point of view. But after listening to his lecture, I felt that importance of accessibility both for user experience, marketing and connecting with the users with disabilities. For anyone who want to know more about accessibility can visit Deque Systems.

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Third Topic : The Next Generation SEO, Navneet Kaushal ( CEO, PageTraffic)

Mr Navneet Kaushal lecture was up to the mark with vital details of the changes in the SEO in 2014. The point made regarding the Author Rank and Rich Snippets was very interesting. Overall the entire presentation was very useful.

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Fourth Topic :Brand Building Through Digital by Vivek Bhargava, (CEO, iProspect Communicate 2)

This session was the best of the summit, I will give 10/10  for his insights and suggestions regarding the way digital marketing companies should think. He explained about How Digital can be used for Corporate beyond SEO. His suggestions and insights were backed with few case studies and examples from his client works. I got very amazing ideas after this session, which I have planned to implement in my digital marketing strategy from now onwards.

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Leveraging Analytics for WebSite Redesign

Due to some reasons the presenter was not available.


Social Media + Technology by Aditya Gupta ( CoFounder, Social Samosa)

Mr Aditya has a deep research in social media and deep insights in technology, but I felt the way the data was presented needs to be improved. For many slides the presentation with text with blank backgrounds, which made it difficult to understand the slide without reading the entire content ! Apart from this the statistics about RFID, Mobiles and data analysis on Social media related to present elections was very good.

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Data to insight with Google Analytics Premium by Benedict Hayes (Vice President, iProspect Communicate 2)

The session was good for only those who are working in analytics for large corporates, As GA Premium is an alternative for catalyst, web trends and other big analytics systems available. I was expecting to see the live interface of the GA Premium, but I got to see only some pictures on Powerpoint.

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Panel: How the new govt. must leverage digital!

I was disappointed with the panel discussion topic, I felt the panel discussion should have been like “How should the start-ups leverage the Digital” or “How educational institutions must leverage digital” or “How to help the people with Digital”. I didn’t participated in the discussion as well due to the topic.

Rating:  icon-star-half-full


Social Media beyond Marketing by (Nabeel K. Adeni Social Media Mentor, Deep Red Ink)

Mr Nabeel presented the ways to use the Social Media beyond marketing. The point he mentioned like customer support, human resources, sales, product development, collaboration and internal communication. He explained in quite detail about each option and how to use this in real time.

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 Creating Your Personal Brand by Dipali Thakkar (Digital Marketing Consultant)

The session on Personal Brand was not as per expectation. I felt the presenter lacked the research on this topic to provide the deep insights.

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In nutshell the entire summit was very useful for me. I highly recommend the beginners and experienced digital marketers to attend the summit to get insights in to the industry.


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