The emergence of smartphones and tablets with technological progress paves new ways of marketing. Micro-moment marketing is one such marketing gaining ground these days amongst customers. Keep scrolling down to know more exciting aspects of micro-moment marketing.

What is Micro-moment marketing?

There are moments when customers utilize smartphones to find stores search for new recipes or news. Such moments where a user uses the smartphone or tablet for purchasing, researching details about a place they wish to go, etc., are termed as micro-moment. It is evident from research that about 96% of users use the above technique for their needs. Micro-moments act as a powerful tool in marketing.

Moreover, the micro-moment marketing technique grabs the need of customers and initiates marketing through various techniques. They drive the customer into the passage deep towards purchase. From a marketing perspective, micro-moment marketing is an imperative concept. Customers are hunting not just for brands but also for business, service, or product. Hence, eyeing customers’ micro-moment and triggering micro-moment marketing enhances business to the next level.

How is micro-moment marketing important?

The marketing strategy has turned over a new leaf with the mobile era’s entry for retaining plus reaching customers. Consumers’ behaviour also shifts from television and radio marketing ads to things they want, from where and when they need it. Do you know that the customers we associate with these days are overactive and check their mobiles about 150 times a day? The fact is that customers spend nearly 177 minutes per day with smartphones.

They also dedicate one minute and 10 seconds to moving somewhere, purchasing something, or learning something. Hence micro-moment marketing is necessary and needs attention. Micro-moment marketing is essential for the following reasons.

Seizes the user’s attention at the exact time.

Micro-moment marketing supports in reaching the customers by eyeing their search. It also paves the way to target the customer at the appropriate time with the right message easy for the customers to understand. With micro-marketing, businesses develop crisp content that reaches intent-rich moments of customers. The content should be beneficial to the visitors to satisfy their search, such as their urge to learn, buy or go to any location.

Building brand awareness for all businesses.

Micro-moment marketing helps build brand awareness irrespective of the size of the business. All businesses indeed compete to grab market share and work for the same. However, building brand awareness midst the audience is possible with micro-moment marketing. By developing brand awareness, the business holds a prominent place in the audience’s mind as they get solutions for their wants and desires. Content is another imperative factor that escalates brand awareness; hence developing the best content plays a crucial role. Apart from all these, building brand awareness across social media platforms wins you more reach.

Businesses turn successful with micro-moment marketing.

As businesses step into the marketing sector with micro-moment marketing as a tool, they are sure to reach success. As audience expectations get satisfied with the details and information, they call your company, go for a website visit or purchase the product. Micro-moment marketing is a booming trend in the coming days as technology invades and continues to excel in every individual’s life. Henceforth, it is necessary to stay alert by fulfilling customers’ desires and satisfying their micro-moments.

Why should marketers care?

  1. Marketers have a huge responsibility to care because customers make instant decisions and act on them fast. Hence marketers should focus on customers and support customers in satisfying their needs and enhancing customer experience. If marketers do not care, they land up losing customers.
  2. Marketers should also be keen on planning and optimizing content favouring mobile searches based on real-time micro-moments.
  3. Marketers are also responsible for understanding customers’ intent and behaviour to satisfy their demands and impact customer experience.
  4. Marketers should shower care on customers as many businesses fail to fulfil customer expectations leading to a customer experience gap.
  5. The Bain and Company survey reveals that despite delivering 100% customer experiences, only 8% were satisfied. Micro-moment marketing helps seal such a customer experience gap.
  6. By understanding the importance of micro-moments, marketers help customers when such moments occur.
  7. Marketers possess the correct information and content for customers leading to better customer satisfaction. As marketers become a moments-ready group, they will win high ROIs in marketing.
  8. Hence with such immense benefits, micro-moments should be focused on by marketers.

Micro-moment marketing examples

Micro Moment Marketing

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All businesses realize that micro-moment marketing is a valuable strategy for improving customer relationships. Micro-moment marketing also helps hike business to the next level. Take a look at a few real-life micro-moment marketing examples.


Dominos is the best example that proved that micro-moment marketing spiced up the business to the next level. With the advancement in technology, online ordering took the lead, but dominos faced hassles due to the increased number of steps for online orders. Dominos took initiatives and refurbished the website, which led to a better conversion rate with more orders than usual.

Nestle waters

Nestle stays as a branded business, where it faced hindrance during online search, making it challenging for digital marketing. They found it challenging to reach visitors and turn them into customers. They adopted micro-moment marketing and connected with customers online as in physical stores. Such a strategy won them exceptional results and improved business.


Customers have completely shifted online when they hunt for car dealerships. Though car purchase takes place at dealership place, the initial search begins online. Once Hyundai noticed the shift, they adopted new ways to connect to customers. They initiated the new method of offering test drives at offices, hang-out spaces, and homes. The new way of shopping experience won the exceptional business success.

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Audiences have switched to new ways of shopping with new technology, and hence businesses also tend to change accordingly. Businesses must target the right audience with the proper promotion and distribution methods. Micro-moment marketing does wonders with copious strategies for boundless success. Hence, researching micro-moment marketing and adopting new procedures helps in improved marketing.

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