As the number of online businesses grows day by day, so does the number of websites on the Internet. Creating a website from scratch can seem technical and complicated, but this has become even easier with CMS content management systems. CMSs like WordPress have made creating a new website as easy as it can be.

Now you don’t need to code your way to make a website. Instead of just intuition and a couple of trials and errors, your website would be ready to be seen by the world.

Websites Types

Static Website

In contrast to typical dynamic sites, which generate the web page at the request, a static website employs server-side rendering to provide pre-built HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files to a web browser.

Static sites allow you to separate your content repository from your front-end interface, providing you with more control over how your material is presented. Companies switch to a static site for various reasons, including that static files are lightweight and frequently faster and less expensive to serve.

Dynamic Website

When a visitor accesses a dynamic website, server technologies (such as PHP) are used to construct a webpage dynamically.

The server will locate a slew of various pieces of information once you type in a specific web address, which it will then combine into a single cohesive web page. A dynamic website is similar to a mosaic. As the viewer, you will see that pieced-together web page.


A CMS platform (content management system platform) makes it simple to manage content and build websites.

The most prevalent programming languages used to construct web pages are HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. You would need to master these languages and write a lot of code to develop a website without using a CMS platform.

CMS solutions address this issue by allowing you to create a website without writing code or learning how to program. Unless you’re looking for a CMS that caters to developers, in which case you’re already a coder.

Domain and Hosting


A domain name is a text string corresponding to a numeric IP address and is used to visit a website using client software. A domain name is a user’s text into a browser window to access a particular website in plain English. The domain name of Google, for example, is ‘’ The domain name of Google, for example, is ‘

A website’s correct address is a complicated numerical IP address (e.g.,, but due to DNS, users may type in human-friendly domain names and be directed to the websites they want.


A server is a real computer that operates continuously to ensure that your website is available to everyone who wants to view it at any time. Your web host is in charge of keeping that server up and operating, defending it from harmful threats and transporting your material from the server to the browsers of your visitors.

How to Create a Website using CMS – WordPress

Registration of domain names and web hosting: –

Before creating your website, you need to select a domain name for your business. You can get the domain name from any domain registrar. After the domain registration, you can host your website from a web host for an affordable price.

Finding the nature of your Website: –

Before making your website, it is essential to know the type and function you will need. This will make the process of creating a website much more accessible.

Website design with WordPress: –

After hosting your website, you can install WordPress for free and get it running. Once you have installed it, you can start making your website by choosing the desired template and theme for your website. You can browse through the thousands of options and choose the most appropriate one from them.

Plugins of your choice: –

WordPress offers a variety of plugins that can boost your website activity and can engage your visitors. Plugins are programs that add specific features to the website. Adding plugins provides a great deal of customization and flexibility while making your website more attractive to your customers.

Customized according to your needs

Whether you want a simple blogging website, an e-commerce website that can buy and sell products, or a website for a small business, you can easily customize your WordPress site according to your preferences.

Launch your WordPress Website

Once all the features are added, your website is now ready to be launched, and after the launch, you can continue all your business in it. But this is just the primary form of your website.

Once the necessities are fulfilled, you can keep adding features and exciting changes to your website to make it even more attractive and valuable. You can change, edit and add anything you want and the changes will be updated on your website.

Final Thoughts 

You may still have many doubts, and some may wish to step up and know more about WordPress and all options so that you can make the ultimate website for yourself at home. You can now learn digital marketing course, website designing, and how to create your own website at home with Web Trainings online course on WordPress. The system provides the proper guidance and information to create a website from basic level to advanced.

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