Emoji’s are a the most useful elements to express your feelings and expressions on almost all social networks and mobile apps like WhatsApp, FB, Instagram etc. I found that using the emoji has improved our social media reach and engagement, as more people tend to interact with post which has Emoji. It will be good idea to use Emoji in Meta Description to in our SEO Strategy to increase the CTR of the page.

Now the big questions were:  Can we use the emoji’s to improve the CTR in search results page? Does Google supports Emoji in search results in Desktop etc. On April 22 SEL published the following article regarding this concept [Article]

Example of SERP with Emoji

google emoji results, emoji in search

Many companies started displaying various tips of emoji symbols which made the search results page very fancy. As of May 6 2015, SEL published an article that Google has stopped supporting the emoji characters in title tag [No Emoji in Title]. Now Google displays a block with some characters instead of Emoji, this change has happened both in Title and Meta Description.

SERP with Emoji Disabled

no emoji in search

In an Hangouts video John Mueller has explained that the emoji will the disabled and later after few days the emoji’s were disabled [Video Link].

At the time of this writing Google is supporting the Unicode characters in HTML and displaying this characters in the results. With the use of carefully selected uni code we can create a unique description which will increase the CTR. Hope that Google will support the uni code characters in the future. As CTR is the one of the most important metric for analyzing the website performance, testing the pages with and without Emoji will be good A/B testing strategy for pages.

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