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One of the common query most of the users have is How to Become a Google AdWords Certified Professional? What is the different between Google AdWords Certified & Google Partner ? In this blog post I will explain how to get Google AdWords certification and what is process to join the program.

Google Adwords Certification program is to test the skills of search marketer in Google AdWords. This certificate will be an added advantage to your profile, as many companies prefer candidates with in-depth knowledge of Google Adwords and certification.

Steps to Become Google AdWords Certified?

Step 1: Anyone with Practical understanding of Google AdWords and Who studied the AdWords guides provided by Google can easily pass the exam.

Join the Google Academy for Ads  – Click Here to Join.

Step 2: Once your Signup, you can login to see all the Google certifications exams and guides.

Step 3: Take the Fundamentals Exam as its mandatory.

Step 4:  Take any one of the exams from 5 certifications.

After completing 2 exams you will be awarded Google AdWords Individual Certification. Look at my certificate sample.

google adwords certificate, sample adwords certificate

Google AdWords Certification Exams: 

As of March 2018 Google has 6 AdWords Certification Exams. Out of which you have to write the Fundamentals and any one of the specialisation to become a Google Certified Professional.

  • AdWords Fundamentals Exam (Mandatory)
    • 90 minutes
    • 65 Questions
    • 80% passing score
    • Study Guide (PDF)
  • AdWords Search Certification
    • 120 minutes
    • 100 questions
    • 80% passing score
    • Study Guide (PDF)
  • AdWords Display Certification
    • 120 minutes
    • 100 questions
    • 80% passing score
    • Display Study Guide (PDF)
  • Google Shopping Certification
  • AdWords Videos Certification
  • AdWords Mobile Certification

Additional Google Certification Exams:

  • Mobile Sites Certification
    • This certification exam covers basics and advanced concepts of best practices of creating and managing mobile friendly websites.
    • 65 Questions
    • 90 Minutes
    • 80% Passing score
  • Digital Sales Certification
    • This certification consists of basics concepts of online sales and digital marketing. This test assesses the effectiveness of sales representatives to sell Google digital solutions to different businesses.
    • 55 Questions
    • 90 Minutes
    • 80% passing score
  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification 
    • This certification show expertise in Google Analytics. This assess the effectiveness of using Google Analytics on basics to advanced level.
    • 70 Questions
    • 90 Minutes
    • 80% Passing Score

Certification Exam Fee:

It is free to write the AdWords certification exam for any individual who joined the Google Partner Program. (In the initial days Google has charged $50 for each exam)

Validity of Certification

The validity of the certification is 1 year from date of passing exam. After expiry we need to retake the exam.

Google AdWords Study Guides

Each exam guide is available with the respective exam study section free of Cost!

Difficulty Level of Exams

As a certified professional, I can say the exams are an easy, if we have in-depth knowledge of practicals and theoretical knowledge provided in the Google Exam Guides. Basically the questions can be categorized as

  1. Basic Definitions
  2. Adwords terminology
  3. Question related to interface
  4. Scenario-based questions
  5. Best practices questions
  6. Account optimization questions

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