Introduction to Google Analytics 

Google Analytics, a free service brought to you by Google, plays a vital role in the success of any online business by acting as a powerful digital tool. Google Analytics keeps track of the number of visitors to the blog posts and their physical location. Digital marketers have adapted this tool to assess the campaign effects and monitor the website’s conversion rate. Moreover, it is easy to use with a simple, user-friendly interface with plenty of benefits.

Use of Google Analytics

In addition, detailed information can be obtained regarding which page is frequently visited by the users so that website owners can equip the content of other pages. This competent tool to find out the bounce rate of the most engaging pages that would generate a higher revenue also assesses website bounce rate.

Google Analytics Metrics For Digital Marketers 

01. Number of Users and Sessions

Google analytics drives visitors to the website by tracking the number of visitors and the location from where they are accessing the site. This way, the no of sessions is easily validated for enhanced website traffic.

02. Average Session duration

 The average time the user stays on the webpage is also noted via this tool to understand the reachability of the web page content for an improved SEO. Some users accidentally visit the website, while others show interest and wait to read the content just because it is impressive. The session duration talks about how interesting the content displayed on the website is based on which you can understand the performance of the pages among the audience.

03. Top 10 Landing Pages

Google Analytics keeps track of the traffic flow to analyze the statistics of the visitors entering the website. An accurate report is generated based on the number of visitors on the landing pages to enhance user retention and maximize the sales on the channel. This way, the marketers can alter the settings in such a way by setting an interface of most visited landing pages first in the menu followed by pages that are visited once in a while.

04. Bounce Rate

Bounce rate refers to a scenario wherein users tend to visit one specific page on a website and ignore the others. This happens when the content on the website is not engaging that they skip towards another informative website. It is important to check if any relevant keywords are missing and add them to improve the bounce rate.

05. Acquisition Overview

This brings the detailed report of campaigns, and traffic generated from other websites. Also, the list of channels generating more leads towards your website is depicted clearly to assess the traffic more accurately. The report consists of information like how the website acquires users, their behavior on the site, and conversion rates. It helps focus on the weak areas of the website for improved traffic and sales.

06. Traffic Source

The Google analytics tool perceives traffic sources brilliantly by understanding the statistics of the visitors entering the website. Based on their login information, digital marketers can assess the traffic coming from desktop or mobile and manage the traffic accordingly.

07. User Behavior Overview

Google Analytics helps understand user behavior based on their visit to the website. In turn, this helps to modify the website to attract more customers towards the website. The main motto behind this approach is to bring customer retention by spreading brand awareness among customers. A powerful Google analytics strategy to turn a business into the most productive one in the future.

08. Conversion Goal Overview 

Conversion rate plays an important role in any online business as it aims at finding the frequently visited web pages on the internet. Google analytics tool helps in finding the reason behind the success of some web pages so that digital marketers can boost the content of least-performing pages to make them equally popular on the search engine.


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