The location is undoubtedly one of the decisive elements when considering new employment. Are you putting yourself up for failure by looking in the wrong place for a digital marketing position? Let’s look at some of the world’s most incredible places for digital nomads now that we know what defines a digital marketing-friendly location. These places are lively and appealing, and they fit all of the best characteristics.

We explored the globe for the top ten worldwide cities for digital marketers.

1. New York

Many of the world’s most historical agencies, prominent brands, and trade centers are located in New York City. It’s no surprise that digital marketing chances are usually plentiful. The business center has the total available digital marketing jobs of any location on our list! The concrete jungle awaits those who are ready for the challenge! You’ll have to go up against the other 20,000,000 citizens’ applications in the employment market. A digital marketer’s average annual salary in New York is $64,144.

2. London

London is a global hub for the creative industries and a cultural treasure trove, so it’s no wonder that it draws some of the greatest creative minds on the planet. It, like New York, is home to a lot of international advertising firms. It is a force to be reckoned with in rising sectors like digital and ecommerce. One notable distinction between the two cities is that London caters mainly to the worldwide market, while New York focuses primarily on the US market. Digital Marketing jobs pay a salary of $50,568 per year in London.

3. Tokyo

Tokyo Do you wish to enhance your Japanese language skills? If you do, you may work for Dentsu, the world’s most prominent advertising firm, and Hakuhodo, BBDO, and McCann. International talent is welcomed and handsomely compensated because of Japan’s modest digital marketing gap. You should start your visa application right now if you want a change of culture, a good wage, and a career that will last a lifetime. In Tokyo, the average annual salary for Digital Marketing is $40,136.

4. Singapore

Singapore is business-friendly and English-speaking, so don’t worry about your language abilities. Immerse yourself in the Asia Pacific market while learning about other cultures. Although foreign nationals have found it more difficult to find work in Singapore, it is far from impossible, provided you can afford the high cost of living. Singapore is the most expensive city globally, but it also has the best quality of life, support, and public safety for the creative industries. A digital marketer in Singapore earns an annual of $50,114.

5. Los Angeles

Digital marketers are constantly in great demand in the vast, bustling metropolis of Los Angeles. In this dynamic metropolis, a wide variety of enterprises may always use a skilled digital marketer. Opportunities in professional, technological, and scientific services are expected to create over 20,000 jobs in the fast-growing Silicon Beach region, which should be on your radar. Time is essential since LA is one of the most densely inhabited cities on the list. A digital marketer in Los Angeles earns $60,058 per year.

6. Bangkok

Are you looking for some sun, culture, and unique scenery? Although working in Bangkok would not pay much, it would be a wonderful experience. Bangkok is rated highly by many foreign companies because of its lightning-fast internet, and it looks to be one of the finest on the list. If you can deal with the heat and noise, the cost of living in the metropolis is also relatively affordable. It is the place to be if you’re a young creative, a digital nomad, or an investor. In Bangkok, the average yearly salary for digital marketing is $36,793.

7. Lisbon

With a cheaper cost of living than many other Western European cities, stunning beaches on the doorstep, and many prominent cultural places to visit, Lisbon is a favorite destination for English-language instructors and digital nomads alike. Lisbon’s abundance of internet-friendly cafés and bars and reasonably priced transit systems make it an appealing alternative for digital nomads. Digital Marketing jobs pay an average of $30,036 per year in Lisbon.

8. Shanghai

China is an enticing area to conduct business, but it also presents marketers with unique obstacles. Due to numerous Internet constraints, local platforms must take priority. Even while many Chinese luxury purchases are done outside China, extreme income disparity also drives a massive luxury sector. Shanghai is, of course, the epicenter of all things marketing. The Shanghai offices of AKQA, Wieden+Kennedy, and IDEO provide global-standard work. Shanghai’s average yearly salary for digital marketing is $34 829.

9. Amsterdam

The casual culture of Amsterdam, as well as its enticing tax policies, attracts new software enterprises. It is fantastic news for us. While knowing Dutch can help you socialize, it is not required since many people in the area speak English. If you’re a biker or an environmentalist, Amsterdam is a lovely place. Young professionals may look forward to a working environment that is less stressful and more up-to-date. In Amsterdam, the average Digital Marketing pay is $36,769 per year.

10. Chicago

Chicago is one of the most often mentioned cities on this list compiled by marketing recruiters. With long-standing companies and some of the world’s most active and known B2C brands, it’s no wonder that Chicago has resurfaced on our list. Chicago is not only the Midwest’s principal economic center, but it also boasts one of the world’s largest and most varied economies. It has grown into a worldwide hub for profitable sectors. A digital marketer’s estimated yearly pay in Chicago is $53,301.

Wrapping Up

More cities will emerge to fit the demands of traveling professionals as digital nomadism grows in popularity, and for the time being, these places will give lots of unforgettable experiences. All you have to do now is to learn digital marketing and take the first daring steps toward being a digital marketer and decide on your next great adventure. Best wishes!


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