In today’s competitive business environment every recruitment and consultancy has to optimize their marketing efforts and generate quality leads at lowest CPL (Cost Per Lead). In this guide I will help you with 12 Leads Generation techniques to help you generate quality leads for your business.

1. Set up a recruiting CRM

Setting up CRM software can help you monitor and keep track of all your contacts. You can go to enter information about clients and their current and later prospects and needs. And, thus you can store the information in your database about your leads.

In the CRM software, you can send and record emails. You can likewise set reminders to contact leads at a specific time. For instance, if someone requires a recruiter later, you can always set up a scheduled reminder to connect them again. 

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most prominent lead generation techniques for companies that have a massive email list. In-fact Email is the only free and large-scale lead generation option that ensures to get your message in front of your audience.

When considering email marketing, you must keep in mind one reality: individuals delete or don’t read most of the emails they sign up for, so you better have an appealing, eye-catching subject and engaging content if you expect your customers to get delighted and respond to you back when they see your mail in their inbox.

3. Career Blogs and Join Talent Networks

Career blogs are nowadays one of the most common and almost new types of recruiting content. They are becoming the primary part of every well-designed career page and assist as the primary source of information for your company’s individuals.

These Career blogs need to derive a purpose for the candidate or readers. As an example, at the end of every career blog, you ought to either offer readers so they can apply to an open position or to join your talent network. 

In that case, you can ask the candidate to join the talent network and ask them to fill a google form with a call to action by asking their names, phone number email-id, and area of interest in resume.

The ways and places you ask the candidate to “Join our Talent Network.” Some of them include:

  • Top of your career website
  • End of your career blog sites
  • Every page of your career website
  • Your LinkedIn profile
  • Your employees LinkedIn profiles
  • Social network posts
  • Facebook career page
  • LinkedIn company page
  • Next to your future openings

4. Events, Workshops, and Meet-ups

Another attractive and new trendy way of recruiting leads is through local events or even worldwide global events. Some companies use this type of lead building strategy effectively.

How do local events generate leads?

To attract these talents, companies divide them into groups of people, and they arrange local events and meet-ups on different topics. Individuals that expertise in their areas apply and attend the events. After this, many of the potential talents wind up getting hired for these companies.

It is a relatively inexpensive way to reach many talented individuals who are the best fit for your company’s unfilled position. Many small companies and startups can arrange and use this technique to present their relevant topics and organize such events and meet-ups. Companies must offer their best to connect with each candidate during the event and address as many questions they might have to ask about working for your respective companies.

5. Paid Advertisement (Social Media ads – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Ads and Google Ads)

Google Ads, Social media advertising for recruitment lead building, has its very own different advantages. 

Social media advertising is viral these days, and for a good reason. Targeting your audience via demographics, location, interest, age, gender straight in their client’s feed based upon precise filtering is convenient for the advertisers.  

Social Media platforms, such as Facebook, are reasonably inexpensive. With just a little bit of money, you can reach a relatively good quantity of leads with your Facebook content. What is good about using Facebook to bring in skill and generate leads is to target a particular group of people.

As each platform offers slightly different targeting preferences based upon the demographic information, LinkedIn is the obvious choice for employers trying to find brand-new leads or candidates.

Google Search and Display ads have been there for a long time in the advertisement industry and a good reason. When used sensibly, they can be a highly efficient way of targeting the decision-makers at companies you wish to recruit.

Banners ads are so prevalent that many individuals have developed more interest in display advertisements. Banner ads can be an inexpensive and fast method to explore such focusing candidates’ attention on them.  You can also target people by specific segments by positioning ads in industry-specific magazines. 

For example, a digital marketing company that desires to get in touch with digital marketers with decision-makers could advertise in display or banner ads.  To make things even better, retargeting makes sure that you get the people who revealed some interest in your brand name to return to your site.

6. Recruiting Networks or Partnerships with Recruiting Companies

In a recruiting network, you can work with other recruiters to generate leads and make placements. You can make a split arrangement where one recruiter works to fill the job order, and the other recruiter has a candidate matches the candidate’s position. Using this, you can inspect the network to see if other recruiters are engaging with the client that you might utilize among your candidates to hire.

They are simply an excellent way to build your audience much faster and with more reliability. Even a local, national, or global recruiting company’s having a relevant Employers and Candidates database is a great way to get leads.

7. Online webinars

You can arrange an online webinar that people from all over the world can apply to.

It ought to include topics that informative, Educative, Relevant to the subject, and constant Appealing and Engaging with little humour among all attendees. 

Same as with guides, the topic of a recruiting webinar depends on the kind of people you wish to attract. For a few of the subject topic, you might even hold a 45- 120-minutes recruiting webinar that may include:

  1. Top Marketing and leadership skills companies search for a specific post.
    2. Coding Languages every back-end-developer must know.
    3. Tips about how to compose an outstanding resume
    4. Ask and Inform How to end up being a digital marketer?
    5. The distinction between a good and a great SEO expert?
    6. Why and How your current Employees are the secret to our success?
    7. Engage with your current staff member’s stories and how they feel and suit your organisation

These are simply a few of the topics you can hold webinars on and attract many individuals to sign up. After that, you can engage with them, learn more about them better, and entice them to apply to your current openings.

8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO for recruiters can help your website appear higher in search results. All recruiters should have a website. A website is not useful if no one can discover it.

In that case, you have to do a proper keyword Research study, Competitor Analysis, On-page SEO, and Off-Page SEO.

Along with that, Relevant, User intended lead Generating Content with proper Meta-description, Title tag, and ALT Tags Optimization are necessary factors you need to optimize. Your website layout should be easy to navigate and mobile and tablet friendly.

Once you start ranking for organic keywords, you can drive a significant amount of traffic to your site without any cost.

9. Backfill positions or previous job applicants

If you place an applicant who has a job, there is now a new vacancy at the candidate’s last organization. You can get a lead if you pitch your services to the prior employer.

Recruiters should pitch the candidate as a good fit to fill your company’s position because you know what the job requires and the candidate’s expertise. You can contact your previous job applicants who did not get the chance to place themselves in the vacant position, but if they possess the right skill set and corporate mindset, you can have a scheduled meet-up to hire them up.

10. Talk to present clients

Speak and Inquire with your current clients for recruitment lead generation, too. Your clients may have more recruitment needs than what you are presently working on. 

You can likewise ask your current clients if they know of any other businesses that may need recruiting services. A client may be able to refer to a company that they worked. Hiring recommendations are an excellent method to collect warm leads without needing to call strangers.

11. Participate in Open job or career fair and offer Career guides, e-books (Online or offline)

Attending the career fairs (online or offline) during specific dates will lead to a different pool of talent with new ideas, and if they match with the skillset, the recruitment service demands will eventually bring fresh new leads. 

A better approach is offering free career guides, e-books, and opening registration portals to further use their details and skillset. Even interested candidates then can schedule a visit to the company to see how it works, its work culture and derive the leads by recruiting them.

12. Network with locals

If you primarily hire for local businesses, regional networking can assist you to find more leads. Talk to regional business owners and ask them about their recruitment needs, both current and future. Even attending meetings with a business group or business commerce chambers chunk many leads.


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