What is Quora?

Quora is a social network for asking questions and writing answers for any subject. It also helps in social networking, branding, and promotions. It’s a knowledge hub ready to share among millions of people connected to it. Quora marketing is of the most effective and widely used strategy in Social Media Marketing.

According to its tagline, it is a place to share knowledge and to understand the world more effectively. In Quora, we can find people from all industries, positions, and geographies.

Interesting Quora Statistics 2019

  • 300 Million active users per month
  • 1 Million+ questions added every month
  • 1 Million+ answers added every month
  • It ranks on top search positions for 3 million+ keywords in search engines
  • It has more than 5,00,000 topics

Why is Quora used in Digital Marketing?

Quora is one of the best mediums for Digital marketing. It is mainly due to the following reasons:

Easy-to-use: It’s a simple platform to learn for any age group users. It doesn’t need any extra knowledge to use for yourself.

Provides knowledge: It helps to get knowledge of your targeted population and their problems or issues faced due to your product or services.

Ranking in Search: Quora answers are ranked on top positions of search engines providing a high reach for good answers

Brand Authority: These types of huge platforms facilitate significant recognition necessary for marketing purposes. Most popular Quorans are recognized globally as Industry or Brand Authority in their respective subjects.

Generate Traffic & Leads: By answering questions about your related topics you can generate traffic & leads to your website.

Connections: With more than 300 millions active users globally, Quora is a platform to build connections with related people in your industry.

Wide Range of Topics: It has a diverse range of subject matter. Around half a million topics are covered on this website.

How to use Quora for Marketing?

To start your journey on Quora you must choose which type of account best suits requirements for your business.

Steps to Get Started on Quora

Step 1: Create your Quora Account

When you visit Quora.com you have 3 options to create your new account. You can use any of the methods, but it’s recommended to use the 3rd option for creating business accounts.

Quora offers 2 types of accounts:

Personal Quora Account (Individual accounts)
Business Quora Account (Company & business accounts)

  • Create an account with Facebook
  • Create an account with Google
  • Use your Own Email (Best for Business)

Step 2: Follow the Topics of your interest

You must follow at least 5-10 topics based on your interests or business topics for business account. More topics will help in expanding the reach of your answers.

Step 3: Create an Attractive Profile

The profile is the most important part of your Quora account. People can know about you from your profile, so make sure to include about yourself (company), your specialization, giving links to your website, social media profiles will be very useful in generating traffic & leads. You must use an attractive credential related to your business.

Step 4: Follow People on Quora

As a part of the process, its recommended to follow people from your industry and popular Quorans to start your engagement on the network.

Step 5: Use Quora Strategies

Based on your business goals you can use the below strategies to use Quora for marketing.

Quora Marketing Strategies 2019

There are various tools and facilities provided by this site which directly helps to boost marketing. In Quora, we can follow a simple approach and build our authority and develop a long term traffic stream. We should always focus on helping users who ask questions. This will automatically help you in generating value on the platform.

Our Quora Marketing Approach

Write > Engage > Promote > Convert

Best Quora Marketing Strategies

  • Brand Authority  & Awareness
  • Search Ranking with Quora
  • Content Marketing Strategies
  • Paid Advertising with Quora

How to use Quora for Branding & Authority?

Quora can help you build your brand visibility and authority by writing high-quality answers related to your niche. Many Quorans were able to leverage this network to build their business. People recognize you and your brand when you are a specialist in your subject.

How to use Quora for SEO?

In this strategy, our goal is to rank on Google search using Quora Answers. To achieve this find the keywords for which Quora.com ranks on top 10 positions. Once all the relevant questions are identified we can write relevant answers under each question to rank our answer in search engines.

Content Marketing with Quora

Quora is a vast network with millions of questions about every topic. We can use Quora to understand user demand and design our content strategy accordingly. Our content team can plan many new articles as per our niche by using Quora.

Quora Spaces

Spaces allow people to join specific spaces of their interests. After joining you can share various types of content like links, photos, post, etc, which are visible to everyone.

We can create our own spaces or join existing spaces to get updates and participate with engagement with others.

How to use Spaces in Quora?

  • Login to your Quora accounts and click on Spaces from the top menu.
  • Find the most relevant group and join the groups
  • Regularly check the articles and engagement with users.

Quora Paid Promotions:

A few years back, Quora launched its advertising platform for everyone to use and take advantage of it. It offers the following objectives

  • Brand Awareness
  • Traffic & Conversions
  • App Installs
  • Promoted Answers

This facility is provided to promote your product or service. These can be in the form of texts or pictures. By enabling Quora ads, you are ensuring the extension of message to a major portion of users. There are high chances of considering your product every time they see your add.

There are few steps you have to follow to enable quora ads. These steps are as follows:

  • Login your quora account and go to account section.
  • Visit the ‘manage ads’ portion in your quora account.
  • Now you see “create campaign”. Clicking on it takes to a form you have to fill.
  • After filling this form and setting a budget you’ll be directed to another form.
  • This form is to create an ad set. Fill the form carefully and set a bid (cost per click). Click on “Continue”.
  • The page will open naming ” create an ad”. Write all of the content of the ad you want to publish.
  • Now you’re subjected to “Add a payment”. After completing the payment your campaign is ready to run.
  • Regularly monitor your Quora reports improving the campaign.

As we see from our above strategies learned, Quora is a highly valuable social network to help you increase business and create brand visibility. If you start today, you will have a First-Mover advantage in your niche. Go ahead and share your queries in comments below.

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