Digital Marketing Faqs, Web trainings FaqsIn this page your will get answers to your questions in a easy to understand format. We have prepared answers to a list of frequently asked questions by students who are interested in Digital Marketing, SEO , Google AdWords, social media marketing in classroom and video programs.

Subject Related Queries

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a marketing approach to target the audience using the Internet. Any users connected with laptops, smartphones, smart TV or tabs are considered as digital audience, whom we reach with Digital Marketing. Watch a Demo Now

In our digital marketing program you will learn 16+ modules which has detailed strategies for any business.

What is SEO Course?

Search engine optimization is the process of implementing best practices as per search engine guidelines to Rank Higher in search results. In other words, SEO is generating traffic to our site using organic search results. SEO Module is a part of the Digital Marketing syllabus.

What is SEM Course?

SEM stands for Search engine marketing and it’s commonly referred to as Paid marketing strategies on search engines. This concept is also referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing. In the SEM module, we teach in-depth concepts of Google AdWords and Bing Ads. SEM is a part of the Digital Marketing Syllabus.

Can I also become Google Ads Certified?

In our Google Ads Course, you can able to learn in-depth concepts of campaign management and after the course, you can attempt the AdWords Certification Exam. Learn more about AdWords Certifications.

How many Google AdWords Certifications are offered in Course?

We are offering training for 6 Google AdWords Certifications. After completion of the course you can register for the exam online and write the exam online.

Is the course theoretical or practical?

Our training will be a combination of theoretical and practical on each topic. We also provide live exposure on projects and give assignments to test your skill sets.

Who is the Trainer for Digital Marketing and his Experience?

Mohammed Azharuddin is our trainer for Digital Marketing, who has 16+ years of experience in consulting and training. He is the Founder and Senior trainer for Digital Marketing. He is AdWords Certified Professional. Know more about Mohammed Azharuddin.

Do I need to know website design and Programming?

No, You do not need to be a web designer or web developer to learn this course. In our course we teach you WordPress and help you design and develop your own website. Any prior knowledge of web technologies will be added advantage.

Do you provide Live Projects with Training?

Yes, after the completion of the course. We will provide an opportunity to work on our live projects.

Job, Salary & Online Earning Related Queries 

If I do digital marketing course, what is the use for me?

First of all, you have to understand that Digital marketing is a marketing strategy to develop marketing for companies/services online. After learning digital marketing you can start the following

  1. Get a job in the digital marketing industry
  2. Start your blog/website/channel to generate online income
  3. If you are an entrepreneur/businessman, you can develop and grow your business with Digital marketing.
  4. Better job opportunities and salary hikes for experienced professionals.

What are the qualifications required to do the course?

For a job in Digital Marketing any graduation with good communication skills.  If you have completed MBA, MCA, BSC, BCom, BTech, etc. You can easily do this course and start your career in Digital Marketing.

If you are looking for Freelancing/Money earning opportunities you do not need to have any degree.

Do you provide placement assistance?

Yes, we are one of the oldest & trusted digital marketing institute and will help with genuine placement assistance in good companies. We will provide you with 3-5 company interview calls. Based on your performance you can get a job.

What would be the salary for Digital Marketing Professional?

Generally, the basic salary of a digital marketing professional starts @ 10k – 30k for freshers. Depending on your academics, qualifications, communications, and target company.

If you planning to start your own online business or want to start online money earning then you can get growth based on your efforts.

I have experience in Traditional Marketing, can I shift my career to digital marketing?

Yes, in fact, in today’s digital environment, It is mandatory for traditional marketers to understand digital marketing and execute campaigns for clients in digital media.

What will be the job prospects for Experienced Marketers?

You can able to learn digital marketing strategies and then work at the manager level based on your experience. This will definitely help in getting a better job opportunity.

Do you teach money-making tips and affiliate marketing strategies?

Yes, we teach practical scenarios of Google AdSense, Freelancing, and Affiliate marketing on various platforms. With our program, you can able to start your own website/channel/blog and start building your business.

Can I work as a freelancer?

Yes, Our course is designed to help you learn every concept in real time. At the end of the sessions, we will discuss various concepts of Freelancing to help you get started in this industry.

Do you teach money making tips and affiliate marketing strategies?

Yes, we teach you practical scenarios of Google AdSense, freelancing, and Affiliate marketing with various platforms. Please remember one thing online money making is not a Get Rich Quick scheme. After learning Digital marketing you need to put efforts into developing your site/channel/blog and promote it effectively to generate a good stream of income.

How much money I will make Online?

Online income depends on various factors like what is the subject our your site, who is your target audience and what is the depend of the topic is online etc. In general, your can start making money as soon as you bring visitors/viewers to your website or channel. Some of our students were able to earn $100-300 in the 2nd month itself.

We will get any support from you people in the future if I start my business?

Yes. You can have a direct discussion with our faculty and take his expert advice for your business ideas.

Will I get on the job support, If I get doubts about my projects?

Yes, our team will provide you with support for any clarification you need on the job.

Queries related to Video Program 

What is the mode of training?

We have 3 modes of training. Classroom Training, Online & Video Program. 

What is the difference between Video Program and a Live online session ?

In the live online sessions the training will be provided using webinars and every class are conducted. Presently we do not have this option of Live Online sessions.  In the video program, we have Pre-Recorded video sessions. In these videos, you will learn theory and implement the practicals based on assigned tasks.

If we take video training will  I get complete subject knowledge?

Our video program is a detailed program with similar content to the classroom program. We assure you that every topic is covered in our syllabus with detailed theory and practical examples.

How do practice in Video Programs?

In each topic, you will get assigned tasks given by faculty and you must submit the assignments by mail. We also provide live access to our server to practice WordPress and implement the concepts in a practical manner.

Can I get a certificate is this valid or not? 

We provide a proper certificate after completion of the course. Along with our institute certificate, you will be also able to write Google AdWords and other certifications after completing the course.

Who going to clarify our doubts?

You can ask any questions to our faculty by WhatsApp/email. He will respond to all your queries.

Is this video program updated regularly?

We update our video program based on new changes. The concepts provided in the program will be up to date as per industry changes. Any small minor changes will be upgraded in the next update.

What is the validity of the video program? 

12 months is the duration of access.

Can we download the Videos from your website? 

No, you cannot download the videos from our website. The video program access is view only.


For any questions, you can get in touch on 9052425444 or write to us

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