About Me

I am Mohammad Azharuddin, founder of Web Trainings Academy & ITinfo Group. Right from the beginning of my career, I was passionate about computer technology and web 2.0. I was very fascinated by the boom of web 2.0 and mobile technologies since 2004. I developed a keen desire to learn and master web technologies since 2004. The first website I created was in HTML/CSS with domain name www.itinfo.co.in on Sept 18, 2007, for providing computer and web resources. Later I created few blogs on blogger.com and used Google AdSense to generate income.

I started our web design & development agency, ITinfo Group right from my home office.  As I couldn’t afford an office space and professional setup. So began immediately as a Freelancer and started meeting clients and offered my services. With the help of my college friend Mr. Harshvardhan, I was able to get a sub-office space in Dilsukhnagar. In this journey, I have learned many lessons which are guiding me in every aspect of life.

In this journey until now, lots of credits goes to my family, friends, staff, associates, and students in helping me in many ways.

My Expertise and Skills

Knowledge is a vast ocean, any subject has many things to learn and implement, so no person can complete any subject 100%. Our learning process never stops, its a continuos journey!

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. – Jim Rohn 

Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Google Ads
Social Media Marketing
Web Designing
Google AdSense & Affiliate Marketing
Email Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Google Analytics

Reading Books for Growth

I RECOMMEND YOU TO ALLOCATE 28.8 MINUTES (2% of your day) DAILY FOR READING A BOOK. Read only the books about skill which you lack.   

I am an Avid Reader and dedicate a lot of my time in reading books and then immediately putting all that knowledge in to Action. Knowledge without Action will not provide results.

My Book Reading List

Personality Development & Motivational

Auto Biographies & Memoirs

Business, Startups & Strategies

Marketing Books

art of seo book
web analytics 2.0 book
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