Digital marketing is a booming business in the UK with many companies focusing their main agenda and marketing resources on it. Offline marketing is now a thing of the past and it’s the new digital age of online marketing where social media shall make much more impact and reach further than the physical barriers or limitations as via online the whole world is connected together. In this article you will understand the scope of digital marketing in UK and make decisions based on information.

UK Internet Statistics

Digital Marketing Job Opportunities in the UK

The UK has a population of 67 million people and out of them, almost 90% are online or in a way they have an online presence. Thus, if you want your business to reach almost everyone in the UK. Then digital marketing is your best choice.  With this comes the various job opportunities which can be made possible in the UK like SEO, Google Ads Specialist, Social Media Marketer, Content Marketer etc.

Digital marketing Job related statistics in top UK job portals:

Digital marketing jobs are so sought after right since numerous individuals in the business guarantee there’re (an) aptitudes hole — as such, there are a lot of employments accessible, however insufficient promptly gifted individuals to fill them. As indicated by this exploration report from Burning Glass:

  1. Small, medium and large organizations deliver quality as
  2. 40% of advertising employment opportunities presently require advanced aptitudes
  3. There are twice the same number of occupation postings with an advanced concentration than there were five years prior
  4. Digital advertising will make up 35% of advertising spending by 2019
  5. In 2016, there were 174,141 Digital advertising centred employment postings
  6. Advanced advertising occupations offer, by and large, $7000 more a year than different sorts of showcasing employments
  7. Advanced showcasing employments, by and large, take 16% longer to fill than normal promoting positions.Another intriguing thing that digital showcasing specialists should note is that, as per a similar Burning Glass report, “unicorn” organizations (high-esteem advanced new companies like Pinterest and Snapchat) are searching for representatives with qualities in regions like computerised investigation and promoting, just as substance advertising. Fortune 100 organizations, then again, will in general look for individuals with increasingly customary showcasing and business foundations just as portable promoting aptitudes.

Digital Marketing Average Pay Scale in the UK

Digital marketers in the UK earn from about £22,000 to £34,343 and it is not fixed but a variable pay and hence their payout depends on their performance and how good their work gets an organic reach. Thus, to make your salary higher, you need to work hard and one of your creations.

Job Types in Digital Marketing

In digital marketing the job, types can vary from a simple support call to a full fledged website or social media presence related and to keep one updated about the latest product launch and availability.

Job Responsibilities of Digital Marketing Professional

The job and responsibilities of a digital marketer is to ensure that there is a good customer flow and high satisfaction levels. These are some job responsibilities of a digital marketer.

  1. Digital Marketing Strategy
  2. Creating Monthly Calendar
  3. Designing Posts for Page
  4. Content marketing
  5. Google Ads

UK Visa Process:

UK offers different types of visas based on your purpose of visit. Most common types of visa issued are for students, tourists, business, family members etc. There are many types of visa for work purpose, which are decided based on various factors:

Work Visa depends on:

  1. Educational qualification and skill set
  2. You have a job offer from company or sponsorship
  3. You are moving alone are with your family
  4. What is the type of work you will be doing

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