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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Video training program?

Video course is an E-Learning program, in this program we provide you access to all our latest updated videos to learn at your own pace. You have to access our portal online to listen to our videos.

2. What is Difference between Online & Video Program ?

An online course is a live instructor-led course. In which the sessions are conducted on daily basis. In this type of program, you have to be available at a specific time to attend classes from our trainers.

Video Program is a pre-recorded session of digital marketing. The duration of the entire course will be 70+ Hours. The video access will be available for you for 12 months. You can watch the videos any number of times.

3. What is the Duration of Access to Course?

We provide the complete program access for 1 Year. You can watch any new updates in the program during the year.

24×7 Access and You can watch the video unlimited times in the above duration.

4. In how many days I can complete course ?

We have most of the videos between 30min to 120 mins. If you watch and practice every day 1-2 hours. You can complete the course in 2-3 Months time.

As we are giving you access for 1 Year, you can rewatch the videos if you want to review the subject.

5. Is support provided while learning course?

Yes, We have general Facebook Support group, where students can ask questions and our assistants will answer your queries.

6. How to Access the Demo Videos

For every course we have a Free Preview Videos to watch.

7. Do you provide Placements Assistance ?

a. Yes, after completion of the course, you have to forward your updated resume. We will forward it to companies.

b. Depending on your location, we provide relevant company contacts so you can apply for jobs in those companies.

8. After Registration, I am unable to access all videos

You have to make a payment using our Payment Gateway to Access our program.

9. Is the Video Program Paid?

Yes, our complete video program is paid version only.

10. What will I get for Free ?

You can watch our Preview videos of each topic. Certain courses are available for Free as well.

11. What Payment methods are accepted?

We accept Online Payment, CC, DC and Paypal.

12. I am paying from outside India, what are options available?

You can make payment using PayPal.

13. Do you accept payments by PayPal or International Credit Cards?

Yes, Please select $ option while checkout and Pay using PayPal.

14. What is the difference between your YouTube Videos & these video program?

In our YouTube we have many short and easy to understand videos. Those videos are good for basic level of understanding.

In our video course, you will be able to learn the complete in-depth subject with hands-on practicals.

15. Can I download the videos in offline?

No, you cannot download the videos. You can also it only using our online portal.

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