It is no secret that YouTube is one of the most popular and successful digital platforms out there. With an estimated 2.6 billion active users, it is also one of the fastest-growing in terms of user base and popularity. India alone has an estimated 467 million YouTube users and the number is just growing. So here is the list of some of the fastest growing youtube channels.

Moreover, over 52% of YouTube users use the platform once a month and there are over 21 million channels you can subscribe to. Last but not least, T-series, an Indian music record label, is the most followed YouTube channel with 217 million subscribers. These facts and numbers highlight how quickly YouTube is growing and how popular it is becoming worldwide.

When it comes to the fastest growing YouTube channels, the rankings are ever-changing. However, there are a few key facts and figures around some of the platform’s highest-ranking channels that are worth exploring.

In this blog, we’ll take a deep-dive into the current state of the fastest growing YouTube channels, in an effort to better uncover which creators are standing out in this rapidly evolving online space.


Are you ready to meet the YouTube sensation who’s taking the internet by storm? Introducing Ajey Nagar, also known as CarryMinati, a Delhi resident who started his YouTube journey when he was just 10 years old! With over 38.2 million subscribers, CarryMinati has become a household name, known for his unique blend of comedy, rapping, and gaming.

On the former, he mainly uploads roasting videos that will leave you in stitches, while on the latter, he plays games online with over 11.6 million subscribers watching. His top three videos – ‘YALGAAR – CARRYMINATI X Wily Frenzy,’ ‘TIKTOK EVOLUTION 2019,’ and ‘STOP Creating ASSUMPTIONS’ – have garnered over 10 million likes each! Join the millions of fans who can’t get enough of CarryMinati’s unique brand of entertainment.


Have you heard of Round2Hell, the uproarious YouTube channel that’s taking the internet by storm? This hilarious channel is run by three friends from UP: Nazim Ahmed, Wasim Ahmed, and Zayn Saifi.

Their journey began in 2015 and they’ve been making people laugh ever since with their sketch comedy videos. With over 29.4 million subscribers, it’s safe to say they’ve hit the big time.

Their videos are so funny, they’ll have you laughing for hours on end. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at their top 3 videos: “ALADDIN,” “SCHOOL LIFE PART-2,” and “EPL | Season 1.”If you’re looking for a good laugh and some light-hearted entertainment, Round2Hell is the channel for you. Join their army of 29.4 million subscribers and prepare to be entertained!

3.Sandeep Maheshwari

Interestingly, Sandeep’s journey to success wasn’t always smooth. Born on September 28th, 1980, he faced some family issues that prevented him from continuing his studies after graduating from Kirori Mal College. However, Sandeep didn’t let this setback discourage him. He started his career as a photographer and later transitioned into freelancing.

Sandeep’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of insightful videos that have transformed the lives of millions. From “World’s Most Viewed Life Changing Video” to “Make Money From Money” and “Speak English with Confidence,” his top 3 videos have an average of 800k likes and have impacted the lives of countless people.

If you’re looking to improve your life and achieve your goals, Sandeep Maheshwari is someone you should definitely check out. With his infectious positivity and practical advice, he’s sure to inspire you to become the best version of yourself.

4.BB Ki Vines

Have you heard of Bhuvan Bam, the hilarious comedian behind the wildly popular BB Ki Vines? With over 26 million subscribers on YouTube, he’s a trailblazer in the YouTube community and a sensation among the younger generation. Bhuvan’s comedic genius shines in his videos, where he plays 3-4 roles all by himself, leaving his viewers in stitches. His talent has earned him numerous accolades, including the WebTV Asia Award for the most popular channel in India. Want to see what all the fuss is about? Check out his top 3 videos: “Titu Mama,” “Angry Masterji,” and “Kyun Sameer Kyun?” With an average of 30 million likes, you won’t be disappointed!


From tech to culture, science to mystery theories, FactTechz covers a wide range of interesting topics that are sure to captivate your attention. But what sets FactTechz apart is Rajesh’s engaging voiceovers and visually stunning presentations that have made him the fastest-growing channel to reach a million subscribers in just one year.

Prepare to be blown away by FactTechz’s fascinating videos, such as “Palm Reading Explained,” “Nail White Marks Explained,” and “Scientific Analysis of Soul.” With an average of 600k likes, this channel is not one to be missed!

6.Amit Bhadana

Interestingly, Amit was so scared of his parents that he did not tell them when he first started his YouTube career. Despite this, he continued to create engaging and entertaining content that has won the hearts of millions of viewers.

Amit’s channel is a must-visit for anyone looking for a good laugh. With an average of 5 million likes per video and top-rated content such as “Parichay – Amit Bhadana (Official Music Video) | Ikka | Byg Byrd |”, “Types Of People in a Bus – Amit Bhadana”, and “School Ke Wo Din – Amit Bhadana”, it’s no surprise that he has gained such a massive following.

Join the millions of fans who can’t get enough of Amit Bhadana’s comedic genius. Subscribe to his channel now and get ready to laugh till you drop!

7.Harsh Beniwal

Harsh’s content is known for its relatability, wit, and clever humor, which have kept viewers hooked and always coming back for more. With an impressive 14.8 million subscribers, he’s undoubtedly one of the most popular YouTube personalities in India today. His videos consistently receive over 2 million likes on average, and his top three videos – “Daaru With Dad 3,” “Barfi | Part 2: Woof You,” and “Barfi | Part 1: Tu Jo Mila” – are a testament to his boundless creativity and talent.

Join the millions of fans already in awe of Harsh’s comedic prowess and engaging content. Dive into his world of entertainment and discover why he’s captured the hearts of so many.

8.Ashish Chanchlani Vines

Meet Ashish Chanchlani, the guy from Maharashtra who has taken the internet by storm. He was born on November 7th, 1993, and passed B.Tech in Civil Engineering from Datta Megha College of Engineering. But it wasn’t engineering that made him famous. It was his talent as a YouTuber that stole everyone’s heart.

Ashish started his career as a creator back in 2009, and his YouTube channel, Ashish Chanchlani Vines, has now over 29.5 million subscribers. His videos cover day-to-day activities, but what sets him apart is the hilarious and creative way he represents everything.

From tuition classes to exams and even PUBG, Ashish’s top three videos are “Tuition Classes aur Bache,” “Exams Ka Mausam,” and “PUBG: Ek Game Katha,” all of which have received an average of 5 million likes. If you’re looking for a good laugh and a break from your daily routine, Ashish Chanchlani’s YouTube channel is definitely worth checking out.


In January 2011, Ranjit started his channel with the hard task of naming it. Inspired by his nickname, “Geek,” he aptly named it Geekyranjit. His first review of an Asus router failed to gain attention, but that didn’t stop him from creating consistent, high-quality content.

Ranjit’s dedication paid off as he eventually gained immense popularity, making him one of India’s fastest-growing tech YouTubers. On his channel, he shares insightful reviews of the latest gadgets, smartphones, laptops, and computers, keeping his audience informed about cutting-edge developments in the tech industry. With a 4.46% engagement rate, Ranjit actively engages with his audience, and his videos attract an average viewership of 74.9k views.

But that’s not all! Ranjit’s second channel, Geekyranjit Ride & Vlogs, has over 43.2 thousand followers and features his daily vlogs, which are adored by his audience. If you’re a tech enthusiast or just want to stay updated on the latest and greatest in the world of technology, then Geekyranjit is a channel you simply can’t miss!

10.Ankita Chaturvedi Corallista

Get ready to discover a top trending beauty YouTuber whose content is not only about make-up and beauty but also self-care, mental wellness, and body positivity. Meet Ankita Chaturvedi, a content creator, beauty influencer, and MakeUp Forever Academy-trained makeup artist with more than 765K subscribers on her YouTube channel Corallista.

What started as a dorm-room blog more than 11 years ago has become a go-to destination for authentic, relatable, and well-rounded inclusive content surrounding Makeup, Beauty, and Wellness, with a focus on South Asian girls and women. Her passion for Corallista is to create a sanctuary for women all around the world, with Beauty & Wellness at its core.

Ankita engages with her audience at a remarkable 3.44% engagement rate, and her unique, authentic content is on the rise. So, if you want to learn about beauty, wellness, and mental health while feeling inspired and empowered, Corallista is the place to be.

11.Larrisa D’sa

Get ready to be inspired by the one and only Larrisa D’sa, an Indian social media influencer and YouTuber who is taking the world by storm! With over 588K subscribers on YouTube, Larrisa’s lifestyle, travel, fashion, and beauty videos and blogs have captured the attention of fans all around the globe. Her impressive career has not gone unnoticed, as she has been featured in high-profile publications such as Huffington Post, Luxebook, and Vogue. She even gave a TEDx talk about her success, proving that she is a force to be reckoned with.

But Larrisa is not just a content creator – she is also a proud owner of Feliz Land, an online art and stationery store. Her dedication to her craft is truly inspiring, and her travel experiences have taught her some valuable life lessons that she shares with her fans.

With a 5.5% engagement rate, Larissa’s fans are always eager to hear what she has to say. Her amazing content has garnered an average of 53K views on all her uploads, proving that she is not just a fast-growing YouTuber, but also one of the most talented and influential content creators out there. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Larrisa’s channel and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!


Are you a gaming enthusiast? If so, you cannot miss the chance to check out the mastermind behind the wildly popular YouTube channel TechnoGamerz. Ujjwal Chaurasia, the man behind the channel, has become a gaming influencer sensation in India with an incredible 32.1 million subscribers! And it’s no surprise, given the channel’s impressive 6.95% engagement rate and cumulative viewership of 6.3 million views.

What sets Techno Gamerz apart is Ujjwal’s dedication to providing quality content on various android games, complete with dedicated playlists for different games, tutorials on how to play them, and reviews.But that’s not all. Ujjwal also hosts his own YouTube channel, Ujjwal Gamer, which boasts a staggering 7.6 million subscribers! It’s safe to say that Ujjwal has made a name for himself in the gaming industry as a well-known YouTuber, video gamer, and social media influencer.

Don’t miss out on the action – join the millions of subscribers on TechnoGamerz and Ujjwal Gamer to experience the excitement for yourself!

13.Success dilip

With over 284K subscribers, SUCCESS DILIP is your one-stop-shop for all things education. Dilip engages with his audience at an impressive 5.14% engagement rate, and his videos have garnered a cumulative viewership of 7.6k views. From current affairs to government job updates, Dilip has dedicated playlists for all your exam preparation needs.

Dilip’s aim behind starting this channel was to help aspiring students succeed in their exams. His noble mission is already making a difference in the lives of countless students. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from one of the best educational influencers out there. Follow SUCCESS DILIP now and take your first step towards success!

14.Krish Naik

Krish’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of knowledge on machine learning, deep learning, and AI, all explained with real-world problem scenarios. He’s given over 30 tech talks on data science and AI at meet-ups, technical institutes, and community-organized events, making him one of the fastest-growing YouTubers in the field.

Krish’s main goal is to make machine learning and artificial intelligence accessible to everyone, and his impact is felt in India’s data science ecosystem. Analytics India Magazine recently caught up with Krish to learn more about his journey in machine learning and his thoughts on the future of data science in India. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this!

15.Soumali Vlogz

16.The Glow Girl Tales

Are you looking for a fitness motivation that’s both fun and effective? Look no further than The Glow Girl Tales, the Indian fitness guru taking YouTube by storm! With almost 1.06 million subscribers and a variety of content ranging from Zumba and exercise routines to cooking tips, Soumya’s channel is the ultimate one-stop-shop for all things health and wellness.Since her debut in March 2018 with the viral video “HOW TO REDUCE ARM FAT IN JUST 3 MINS|EASY HOME WORKOUT |BEST EXERCISES,” Soumya has been engaging her audience at an impressive 3.31% engagement rate, and her uploads are averaging a staggering 27.5K views. With Soumya’s dedication and passion for fitness content creation, there’s no telling how much her channel will grow – so why not join the movement and become a part of The Glow Girl Tales community today?

17.Mukti Gautam

In 2017, Mukti started sharing her expertise with the world by producing videos on her self-titled YouTube channel. With almost 1.07 million subscribers, her channel features exercise routines that don’t require gym equipment and homemade recipes for healthy eating.

Mukti has been recognized as the “Best Fitness Blogger of 2019” and was featured in TLJ fitness magazine. But her passion for wellness extends beyond her online presence. Mukti has launched her own ayurvedic brand, “Om Dhatu,” as part of her Healthy India initiative, and plans to use her knowledge in environmental sciences to address environmental problems in the future.

Mukti’s mission is to help and inspire as many women as possible to live life on their own terms through fitness and healthy living. She firmly believes that a workout can turn a bad day around and that food is healing. Join the rising fitness star on her journey to empower and uplift women everywhere.

18.Run tiMe

Get ready to be mesmerized by the long, luscious locks of Runti Gosh, a beauty influencer who’s a pro when it comes to natural hair care and beauty tips. Her YouTube channel, RuntiMe, is your one-stop-shop for all things beauty, fashion, lifestyle, comedy, and travel. With a subscriber count of 372k, Runti’s engaging content has earned her almost a 4% engagement rate and a whopping 5K cumulative views on her uploads. If you’re looking for tips on how to keep your hair and skin looking healthy and flawless, you don’t want to miss out on Runti’s expert advice.Our Channel: 

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Overall, it is clear that the fastest growing YouTube channels are continually changing and evolving. This shows the power of YouTube and how it can be used to create amazing content and engage a large audience.  With the ever increasing competition on YouTube, it is important to focus on creating unique and interesting content that stands out from the crowd. With the right strategies, any channel can be successful and become one of the fastest growing YouTube channels.

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