The year 2018 has been a promising year for digital marketers with the right strategies, as they witnessed many fruitful results. So, like every year, we learn from our going year and step into a new year with few resolutions made in high spirit for self-improvement. But for few people resolutions means only for a personal life, that also goes off after a month. We can take the business introspection, what works and what didn’t work for you as a digital marketer.

Thinking to put up high challenges for the business is like learning from our past experience and stepping forward with a resolution to achieve the challenge. The resolution is not something to start only from midnight. One can lay the stone from ongoing year to welcome a new year. With our experience of working in the digital industry, we have made 2019 New Year resolutions for the smart digital marketer.

Top New Year’s Resolutions for Digital Marketer

Monitor the Accounts Daily 

Make a pledge to monitor all your client accounts daily. Make a daily habit of checking the account performance in following tools Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Social Media Accounts and other networks. By regular monitoring and updates, you can able to improve the advertising strategies.

Engage with Old Customers and Give them Time. 

The customer retention should be as vital as getting a new client. Your marketing for the customer will show your dedication to preserve the meaningful bonds between you and your client base. Get connected with your clients on social networks with their permission and engage regularly with them.

Checklist of Online Digital Assets 

Doing a checklist of digital assets involve a listing of all your client details. It involves listing website, social media account, email ids, Google ads account details. Determining which ones is active, and do away the one not.   This task will help you to organize the information on your fingertips when needed.

Organize and Manage Passwords 

Many times it happens we get stuck or locked out of important accounts of clients as the password is not been remembered. As managing multiple accounts and their multiple passwords it’s a bit difficult. Due to which we tend to the same set of password for most of the accounts. It is considered to be cybercrime-friendly. So, to avoid all the hassles of the password, let’s organize your entire password in password manager tool.

Consistent Posts & Update 

You need to do consistent and fresh content posting in websites and social media, as always keep in a plan that internet works day and night, all seven days of the week and whole 365 days of the year. So, for the digital media presence regularly generating fresh content is essential.

Quality Blog Posts for Website 

Along with fresh content and good quality photo post on social media, your websites posting is equivalently important. Good quality content blog and pictures are very important. Pictures clicked by professional should be preferred, there is no harm in using high-resolution Smartphone keep lighting in mind and just crop out the unnecessary things before posting on the website or social media.

Don’t be Afraid to Try New Strategies  

Keep on looking for new things, try new trending technology to stay updated as the user can make out from your post, is the organization up to date with the technology or not.

Video!! Is definitely going to rule 2019, if you haven’t started using video to promote your brand, you need to start especially for social media. Video, pictures, short/long posts, whatever gets your audience hooked, do it now.

Let’s welcome our new year 2019 by being more planned and organized for our digital media campaigns.

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