If you are planning to make a career in digital marketing, go for it! As per the government, digital marketing is rising 10 times faster than traditional marketing; hence an opportunity for those who want to give wings to their career. You might have heard the hype that digital marketing is booming (rather bursting), and companies are emphasising on online promotion. Yes, it’s true. Bigger budget, decent salary and more growth are some of the benefits of making career in digital marketing. As per the industry experts the Indian Digital Ad Industry will be 1Billion dollar.

Are you confused, whether to take entry in digital marketing or to go for higher studies? It is good for you to take a look on benefits of digital marketing, before making any decision.

More Career Opportunities

Have you heard about digital skill gap? As per prediction till 2020 there will be 1,50,000 jobs in digital marketing and not sufficient professionals to work. The requirement of skilled professionals and jobs will increase further due to higher usage of Digital Marketing & advertising by brands and SME’s. Hence you will get competitive advantage for fuelling up your career in a profession where demand is more than supply. Never miss this chance!

At the time of recession, most of the employees were plunged in uncertainty, and trouble. Isn’t it better to learn entirely new skills which can give you job security with exponential growth? Digital marketing doors are open for novices as well as for experienced. If you are experienced then just give a digital touch to your skill, that’s it.

Many multi nationals and Indian software companies are now entering in the Digital Marketing services. This is opening doors for opportunities for students to join large IT Companies like Accenture, Infosys, Cognizant, HCL, Zeta Interactive and many more.

Gain Handsome Salary

We have already discussed that how requirement of digital marketing experts is more than supply. And here is the advantage. You know that you are working in a sector where skilled employees are not available easily, that means you are a good resource for the company and can negotiate on salary accordingly. Salaries in digital marketing have picked up the pace in past few years. SEO, PPC, SMO and other profiles of digital marketing have noticed a decent hike in salaries.

A fresher can expect between Rs 15000-30000 rupees per month. Sky is the limit for experienced professionals.

Make Money Online

One of the biggest advantage for Digital marketing professional is to use his skill set to generate passive income. With Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing and Freelancing, you can able to earn a good income. Most of the professional bloggers and full time digital marketers are earning thousands of dollars monthly. Very popular and experienced bloggers earn upwards of $10,000+ monthly.

Make Career Anytime

Unlike other job opportunities where you need to complete your studies for working in any company, digital marketing profile doesn’t follow such conditions. Even without joining any company you can work as a freelancer through online projects.

Start blogging for grabbing attention of wide fans. Give online exam like Google Analytics Exam for checking your skills. After completing this test, upload your certificates in social media profile like LinkedIn, for seeking attention of recruiters.


Digital marketing provides flexibility. The only thing which you require the most in this profile is internet. Hence doesn’t matter whether you are working from home, office or any other location, unless you have good network connectivity.

There are ample numbers of companies, who want to outsource their digital marketing project. Resolving their issues anytime can add valuable bucks in your pocket.

Hope you are now well aware of benefits of digital marketing. Digital marketing is a booming industry. Many companies are now migrating towards digital platform, and yes this profile will never become outdated.

So what do you think now? Shape your career with digital marketing and give a kicking-start to your career. Start with a Free Demo on Digital Marketing @ Web Trainings Academy. Call us on 9052425444 for more information.

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